The Placer-Sierra Railroad Heritage Society (PSRHS) was formed to preserve and protect the history of the Donner Pass Route portion of the Transcontinental Railroad.  Please join us in our efforts and enjoy the website.

Colfax Interactive Caboose Open Oct. 7th

The newly renovated Colfax Interactive Caboose in downtown Colfax will be open for visitors on Saturday, Oct. 7th, from 9am to 3pm in conjunction with the Colfax Craft and Harvest Fair.

The caboose committee aims to have the caboose open on select weekends with enhanced internal displays and staffed by volunteers from PSRHS and from the community.

The caboose committee meets the second Saturday of each month at the caboose from 8:30am-12:30pm.  These sessions will be a combined work session and planning meeting with discussions on future displays and fund raising.  The objective is to make the caboose a viable interactive display depicting the story of the caboose in railroad history and operations.

Member Meeting September 28

The next PSRHS monthly meeting will be held Thursday, September 28th, starting at 7:00pm.  Bill George, historian and film maker, will present his new film, “Beyond A Miracle, Creating California’s Empire Of Agriculture”. The film tells the story of the agricultural pioneers who shaped the state’s farm heritage. Bill formed Nimbus Films in 2010 to tell the story of building the transcontinental railroad across the Sierra with his well-known first film, “The Hidden Wonder Of The World, The Transcontinental Railroad From Sacramento To Donner Summit”. Bill is working on Part 2 of the “The Hidden Wonder…”, called “Crossing Donner Summit”, for release by the 2019 Gold Spike Sesquicentennial.

Our meetings are open to all who are interested.  See the Events tab for meeting location and directions.

Air Medical Response Benefit for Members

At our February meeting Sonja Conklin discussed the costs that may be incurred if you need air ambulance service, and how those costs are greatly reduced if you have membership in CALSTAR/REACH Air Medical Services. She offered the club the opportunity to apply for a rate reduction for club members. That has been implemented and PSRHS members can get a yearly membership for $55 per household, a $10 savings. Some of our members report that you can add extended family members to the plan at no additional cost even if they reside elsewhere, such as students at college, etc

CALSTAR/REACH Application (PDF download)

Support Us thru Your Amazon Purchases

The Placer-Sierra Railroad Heritage Society is now part of Amazon’s Smile Program. A portion of each purchase made in our name returns to the Society as a donation from Amazon. To setup your Amazon purchases for Smile just:

  1. Use this URL : https://smile.amazon.com/ch/68-0488569 or Click Here
  2. You will know you are supporting us because just below the search bar it will say  “Supporting: Placer Sierra Railroad Heritage Society”


  1. Go here and set up an Amazon App In Chrome or Firefox to make it easier and automatic https://smile.amazon.com/gp/BIT
  2. After the app is set up goto http://smile.amazon.com and Choose “Placer Sierra Railroad Heritage Society” as your preference.

Thank you so much for your continued support,

Thank You!

We want to thank everyone who supported us during the Big Day of Giving.  Your kind gifts totaled $1950.00.  Each dollar will go preserving the history of the Donner Pass Route.  On behalf of the entire membership of PSRHS and community of Colfax we thank you.

Malcolm Frost