Member Meeting October 26

The next PSRHS monthly meeting will be held Thursday, October 26th, starting at 7:00pm.  *** NOTE:  The October meeting will be held at the Colfax Passenger Depot, 99 Railroad Ave., Colfax, next to the tracks.***  Roger Staab will present a series of photos that trace the railroad-related changes in Colfax through the years.  The program will include tips on dating old photos using clues found in the photo details.   Following the program attendees will tour the newly renovated Colfax caboose and hear plans for displays that will tell the story of the caboose in railroad history.

Our meetings are open to all who are interested.

Air Medical Response Benefit for Members

At our February meeting Sonja Conklin discussed the costs that may be incurred if you need air ambulance service, and how those costs are greatly reduced if you have membership in CALSTAR/REACH Air Medical Services. She offered the club the opportunity to apply for a rate reduction for club members. That has been implemented and PSRHS members can get a yearly membership for $55 per household, a $10 savings. Some of our members report that you can add extended family members to the plan at no additional cost even if they reside elsewhere, such as students at college, etc

CALSTAR/REACH Application (PDF download)

Colfax Railroad Days 2015

Colfax Railroad Days will occur on September 12 & 13 this year in historic downtown Colfax.  This year’s event will highlight 150 years of railroading in Colfax.  Central Pacific trains first arrived in the new town in September 1865, and trains have been running through the heart of Colfax every day since then.

Preparations are being made to line up all the great attractions from previous years plus new ones for the 2015 Railroad Days Event!  Go to the Colfax Railroad Days website to see who and what is coming this year to create another great educational and fun family event.

Everybody loves trains! and this is where you can see them, touch them, smell them and get inside them!  Don’t miss it!