Past Meeting Presentations and Field Trips

         Listing of PSRHS Past Meeting Presentations and Field Trips

 1/24/02       Organizational Meeting – Halton Printing — Mike Ramsey — Slide Show on Colorado Loop


3/28/02       Lou Labonte’s – Ken Yeo: Nevada County Narrow Gauge RR

4/27/02       Tour of Colfax Depot, etc.

Unless otherwise noted, meetings at First Congregational Church, Auburn

5/23/02       Roger Staab – Video:  Last Cab Forward over Donner

6/27/02       Ken Yeo:  Towle Brothers Logging Railroad

7/25/02       Phil Sexton:  Big Bend Visitor Center Displays

8/22/02       Jim Wood:  Golden Spike Recreation (Jupiter & No. 119)

9/26/02       Mike Ramsey:  Railfest and Durango & Silverton

10/24/02     Members – Items from Personal Collections

10/27/02     Field Trip — Donner Ski Ranch — Summit Tunnels & Stations

11/21/02     Dinner Meeting – Auburn Denny’s — Brendan Compton: On-Camera Interviews

1/23/03       Roger Staab:  Donner Summit – Then and Now

2/27/03       LeeAnn Preece:  Operation Lifesaver

3/27/03       Mike Ramsey:  Current Operations on Roseville Sub

4/24/03       Jim Wood, Ken Yeo & Dick Whitney:  Field Trip – Towle Area

5/22/03       Norm Sayler:  Photo Collection – Rte. 40 and Donner Pass

6/26/03       Bill Leonard:  Wood Train Models

7/03            Field Trip (no meeting)  — Newcastle to Colfax

8/28/03       Jim Wood:  Report on Field Trip

9/25/03       Brendan Compton:  Roseville to Truckee Video

10/23/03     Mark McLaughlin:  Book – Western Train Adventures

11/15/03  NCNG&T Museum Tour/Dinner Meeting —  Ken Yeo:  Towle Brothers

1/22/04       Projects, Plans and Priorities for 2004

2/26/04       Brendan Compton:  UP Flanger Operations Video

3/25/04       Roger Staab:  Colfax & Its Railroads, 1865-2004

4/22/04       Dave McClain:  Portola RR Museum F7 Restoration

5/22/04       Field Trip:  Rocklin Roundhouse & Granite Quarry

6/24/04       Phil Sexton:  In Search of Cisco

7/22/04       Mike Lynch:  Mountain Quarries Railroad

8/26/04       Shelton Campbell:  California Zephyr Cars Excursion

10/2/04       Field Trip:  Long Ravine to Secret Town

10/21/04     William Chew:  Chinese Workers of the Central Pacific Railroad                   – Joint Meeting with Colfax Area Historical Society

11/18/04     Doug Ferrier:  Logging Railroads between Dutch Flat and The Summit

1/27/05       Brendan Compton:  UP Snow Removal Activities Video

2/24/05       Items Shared from Members Personal Collections

3/24/05       Ken Yeo:  Railroads of Placer County

4/28/05       Roger Staab:  Sierra Fire Trains

5/26/05       David Bieber:  Rebuilding the Virginia & Truckee Railroad Right of Way

6/11/05       Field Trip:  Texas Hill and Towle Brothers Railroad

7/28/05       Roger Staab:  Colfax Passenger Depot Renovation and McCloud Railroad Steam Excursion

8/22/05       Report on Texas Hill/Towle Brothers Field Trip

10/22/05     Field Trip:  Gold Run and American Canyon

11/17/05     Dave McClain:  Motorcar Excursions

    Starting in January 2006 Meeting Location changed to the Multipurpose Senior Center at the Dewitt Complex in Auburn.

1/26/06       Review of Field Trip to Gold Run, Alta, Towle & American

2/23/06       Brendan Compton: Interview with Nancy Longnecker, long- time resident of Blue Canyon

3/23/06       Brendan Compton: Preview Showing – Day of the Spreader

4/27/06       Ken Yeo: Prefab Concrete Snowshed Construction

5/25/06       Norm Saylor:  Donner Area Postcards and Brochures

6/24/06        Field Trip to Blue Canyon

7/27/06       Brendan Compton:  Video Interview Jim (the Bear) Maho and Donner Snow Removal

8/24/06       Randy Cape:  Southern Pacific Mail Trains

9/28/06       Gary Lutz:  Experiences as a Southern Pacific Fireman on Mallets and other snow-fighting equipment

10/28/06     Field Trip – California State Railroad Museum with Ken Yeo

11/30/06     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Jim Wood and Roger Staab showed Photos of progress on the Colfax Passenger Depot

1/25/07       Ken Yeo:  Preparations for Opening Sacramento Rail Museum

2/22/07       Discussion of Field Trip choices, update on Depot Project

3/22/07       Phil Sexton: Short Life of a Short Line – Boca and Loyalton                  Logging Railroad

4/26/07       Recognition Ceremony at Renovated Colfax Passenger Depot

5/24/07       Brendan Compton:  Rotary Up the Hill – Inside Look at Rotary Snowplows at Work

6/23/07       Field Trip to Donner Summit Area, Norden and Tunnel 6

7/26/07       Roger Staab: Colfax Passenger Depot through the years

8/23/07       Jim Wood:  Gunnar Henrioulle’s SP Lounge Car

9/27/07       Discussion of Colfax Caboose restoration project

10/27/07     Field Trip to Penryn Granite Quarry and Railroad Grades

11/29/07     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Peter Hills: Restoration of Santa Fe 3751 Steam Locomotive

1/24/08       Jim Wood:  Future Field Trip sites and use of Google Earth           –Discussion of Colfax Caboose work and Chamber Rail Car

2/28/08       Jack Duncan: Cape Horn Construction – Facts, Fiction & Legend

3/27/08       Ken Yeo:  History of Rail Lines in Placer County

4/24/08       George Lay:  History of Clipper Gap and Applegate

5/31/08       Field Trip to Newcastle area

6/26/08       Ken Yeo:  Construction of Second Track thru Auburn and Temporary Tracks through Old Town

7/24/08       Brendan Compton:  Rotary Snow Plows Training Film he did for UP

8/28/08       Jim Wood:  Wildfire at Cape Horn

9/25/08       Jay Hansel:  Tourist Railroads in the US

10/11/08     Field trip to Clipper Gap and Applegate

11/20/08     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Collection of Video Films that focus on Donner Route railroad history including last days of NCNG

1/22/09       Peter Hills:  British Railway Museums and Historic Railway Preservation Societies

2/26/09       Walt Wilson:  1973 Roseville Railyard Train Explosion

3/26/09       Dave McClain: Investigation of 1973 Roseville Yard Explosion

4/23/09       Photos of Visit of UP 844 to Colfax and the Donner Route

5/23/09       Field Trip to Colfax Yard, Surrounding Area and Caboose

6/26/09       Jim “The Bear” Mahon: Experiences from his railroad career

7/23/09       Videos of Nevada County Narrow Gauge Railroad

8/27/09       Brendan Compton:  New Video of UP844 on the Donner Route

9/24/09       Member Photos of Snowsheds and Tunnels over Donner Summit

10/3/09       Field Trip to Cape Horn Mills and Secret Town Trestle site

11/19/09     Roger Staab:  AMTRAK trips to Montana and Seattle with ferry ride from Vancouver BC to Victoria BC

1/28/10       Brendan Compton: Refurbishing SP Spreaders

2/25/10       Gary Symington:  Creating Railroad Art

3/25/10       Tom Towner: Photos and Modeling of NCNGRR

4/22/10       Roger Staab:  Colfax and Its Railroads

5/27/10       Ken Yeo: Don Olson’s collection of films of four shortline railroads

6/19/10       Field Trip for a tour of the Roseville Yard

6/24/10       Gary Luce: Details of rebuilding the V&T railroad grade from Carson City to Virginia City

7/11/10       Field Trip to Virginia City NV for a tour of the V&T Railroad

8/26/10       Peter Hills: Several Recent RR Motorcar Excursions

9/23/10       Review of Field Trips to Roseville Yard and V&T Railroad

10/16/10     Field trip to Towle and Towle Brothers Logging Railroad

11/18/10     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Video: SP Sacramento Shops Plus photos of field trip to Towle

2/24/11       Brendan Compton: Video “The Spreader Snow Plow –  The New Mega-machines of the Sierra

3/24/11       Roger Staab: Two July 1994 excursions on the Feather River Route aboard the UP Streamliner train

4/28/11       Member photos of Rotary Snowplows in action on the hill

5/25/11       Field trip to Siemens Rail Car manufacturing facility in South Sacramento

6/23/11       Dunsmuir Railroad Days photos and Vintage equipment on the move

7/28/11       Peter Hills:  Riding Heritage trains in England and Scotland

8/25/11       Tony Hesch:  Colfax Caboose update                                                     –Peter Hills:  Video – Operating a Steam Locomotive (British)

9/22/11       Jim Wood:  Operation Lifesaver Program (Safety near RR Tracks)

10/15/11     Field trip to the Newcastle and Penryn area

11/17/11     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Stan Kistler:  Fifty Years of Chasing Trains (With a Camera)

1/26/12       Brendan Compton:  Video “Rotaries – Avalanche on the Mountain”

2/23/12       Jim Rutherford:  History of the Quincy Railroad

3/22/12       Bill George’s film, “The Hidden Wonder of the World, the Transcontinental Railroad from Sacramento to Donner Summit”.

4/26/12       Lonnie Dickson & Dave Bowler:  Snow Removal Experiences on Donner

5/24/12       Peter Hills: Santa Fe 3751 Excursion from LA to Grand Canyon

6/9/12         Field trip to Roseville UP Diesel Shops

7/26/12       Slide show and discussion of June field trip to Roseville Shops

8/23/12       Member photos of UP CARES Excursion Colfax to Auburn

9/15/12       Field trip to Coldstream Canyon, Horseshoe Curve, and the sites of Andover and Stanford

9/27/12       Final plans for Colfax Railroad Days and report on field trip to Coldstream and Horseshoe Curve

10/25/12     Recap of Colfax Railroad Days and Visit of UP 844

11/29/12     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Two Vintage films, “Snow on the Run” featuring the 1951-2 Storm, and “This is my Railroad – Early Diesel Era”

1/24/13       Mike Lynch:  Mountain Quarries Railroad 100th Anniversary

2/28/13       Paul Beckstrom:  Michigan California Lumber Company Railroad

NOTE:  Monthly Meeting location changed to Auburn Airport Terminal Bldg

3/28/13       Mike Roque:  Niles Canyon Railway Activities

4/25/13       Chris Graves: Early CPRR Construction and Operation

5/23/13       Roger Staab: Highlights of his new book “Towle Brothers” published by PSRHS about the logging railroad and town of Towle

6/27/13       Mike Haire:  Railroad Operations in Montana/Wyoming Powder River Basin; video clips of UP844 over Donner

7/6/13         Field trip to Niles Canyon Railway

7/25/13       Mark Fagley: Details of January Train Derailment in Colfax

8/22/13       Norm Lucas: CSRM’s Docent Program and annual Polar Express Excursions

9/26/13       John Cockrell:  Highlights of his book on his railroad experiences

11/14/13     Field trip to Siemens Railcar facility in South Sacramento

11/21/13     Potluck Dinner Meeting – Peter Hills: Rail-riding in England

1/23/14       Phil Smith:  New England Railroads

2/27/14       William Wauters: Unearthing a CPRR Locomotive Builders Plate

3/27/14       Frank Vacca:  California High Speed Rail Project

4/24/14       Bruce Gregory:  DVD and photos of National Railway Museum, York, England

5/22/14       Jeff Asay:  Ghost Rails, Ghost Towns – and a Tower with a Ghost

6/26/14       Walt Wilson: Video of UP’s Big Boy Steam Locomotives

7/24/14       Walt Wilson:  Cantera Loop Spill


10/23/14     Mike Haire:  Photos of recent railfan trips

11/20/14      Chuck Spinks:  Civil Engineers over the Sierra

1/22/15       Peter Hills:  On Board the Canadian from Toronto to Vancouver

2/26/15       Roger Staab:  Mexico’s Copper Canyon by Rail, 1980

3/26/15       Mike Haire:  Year in Review Railroad video clips on Donner and other areas

4/23/15       Paul Beckstrom:  Swayne Lumber Company and its Logging Railroad near Oroville

4/25/15       Field trip to San Francisco’s Muni and Cable Car systems

5/28/15       Brendan Compton:  Elvas Tower Operations and Operators


7/23/15       Paul Greenfield:  Advanced Train Control System (ATCS) and ATCS Monitor

8/27/15       Roger Staab:  Colfax and its Railroads: A Look Back in Time                       –A tribute to Colfax’s 150th anniversary

10/22/15     William Burg:  1894 Pullman Strike

11/20/15     Bill Fowler:  The SP in Chicago

11/21/15     Field trip to the Newcastle area

1/28/16       Jim Wood & Roger Staab:  Landslide near Clipper Gap

2/25/16       Dave McClain:  Portola Western Pacific RR Museum Locomotive Restoration

3/24/16       Willie Burroughs:  Snow Removal over the Sierra

4/28/16       Brian Brown:  Rescued – Small Plane Crash in Idaho Mountains

5/26/16       Chuck Spinks:  Surveying and Engineering of the CPRR Transcontinental Railroad in California

6/23/16       Roger Staab – A Century and a Half of Passenger Service on the Donner Route

7/28/16       Paul Greenfield – The Milwaukee Road in the Pacific Northwest

8/25/16       Scott Inman – Photos of the Sac Division from Roseville to Sparks – Southern Pacific Railroad History Center planned for Rocklin

9/22/16       Dennis Magures – Rebuilding Sierra Snow Equipment

10/27/16     Phil Smith — Dead Man’s Curve and details from an accident report

11/2/16       Field Trip to Siemens Manufacturing Facility in South Sacramento

11/17/16     Brendan Compton — Newest Video on Rotary Plows

1/26/17       Brendan Compton:  Newest DVD Rotaries Part II (resched. from Nov)

2/23/17      Sonja Conklin:  Air ambulance service                                                Brendan Compton:  Second half of Rotaries Part II

3/23/17      Peter Hills – Riding the Rails on Vancouver Island; Speeder Runs on Mt Rainier Scenic RR and Coos Bay Rail Link

4/27/17      Gary Gurske — experiences as a conductor with the Penn Central and Conrail

5/20/17      Field Trip – Clipper Gap and Tunnel 0

5/25/17      Kevin Knauss — Retracing the route of the California Central Railroad from Folsom to Roseville

6/22/17      Don Anderson – Construction of the Auburn-Foresthill Bridge

7/27/17      Stan Kistler – “Chasing Trains for 50 Years with a Camera”

8/24/17      Mark Davidson – Railroad Land Grants and Gold Rush Real Estate