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Currie Station

Out in far eastern Nevada, sitting alone in a vast landscape, on the abandoned Nevada Northern rail line,  is this forgotten ruin from yesteryear.   The incredible thing about this place is how well preserved the depot and related artifacts are .   I found no signs of vandalism or graffiti when I stumbled onto this site back in 2005.   The place is completely unprotected – no “official” controls, regulations, or any other presence, making it a real experience in discovery of a relatively modern ruin.


Waiting Trains

Two very long trains wait for a green signal near the crossing at Gerlach Nevada.   This is the old Western Pacific line, which after crossing the Nevada desert, snakes through the Feather River Canyon in California and then connects to Roseville.    Train traffic on this line used to be thick with double stack trains until U.P. notched some of the tunnels on the Sierra Donner route, making possible the passage of  the extra high stack trains.   These two trains might have been rerouted because of maintenance work on the Donner route.


Summit Tunnel

This photograph was made inside the original summit tunnel, carved out of the rock by Chinese workers on the old transcontinental rail route.  Now abandoned, it is safe to set up camera and tripod for photographic work without worry of suddenly approaching trains !   This photograph was made with late afternoon sunlight pouring in through the portal behind me.   Adding to the fortunate lighting conditions is the reflected light bounced up and around by puddles of standing water on the ground.


Abandon Tunnel

This tunnel is hidden behind trees and brush which have grown over the entrances after years of abandonment.    I notice that “old, abandoned, ruins”  are repeating themes in my photo work.   Of course !  It is so full of adventure to find and photograph these relics with the mystery of their history, state of decay, and the obvious aesthetic qualities that can lure and fascinate many photographers.   Again, as with the Summit Tunnel image,  light direction and quality help make this image come to life.   Yellow hued light filtering through the tunnel opening behind me was colored by thick yellow green foliage which hides this entrance.


East Tunnel 28

Another “hidden” tunnel from the general public !   One of the great pleasures in photographing in these hidden locations is the incredible lack of crowds !   The remote and “secret” feel of the places.   If I characteristically loved crowds of people I probably would not haunt these unknown spots.   Usually my photography features the “unknown and NOT famous”..   The blast of rushing air that precedes the emergence of trains from this tunnel is impressive !

The photos presented here are the property of Stephen Chandler.  All rights reserved. Use or reproduction without consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.

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