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Feather River Run

The approaching and receding sounds of steam locomotion echoing off canyon walls fully equal the sights of # 844 chuffing up the grade, through rain and fog this Spring morning.   How exciting to hear these sounds approaching long before it’s dramatic appearance !   I waited in a steady rain for about an hour to catch this image.  My camera, wrapped in plastic bags stayed a lot drier than I did.   Thoroughly soaked, I reveled in the experience,  relishing those sounds as it drifted off in the distance.


844 on Fleich Bridge

Almost always with train photo work there is the long wait and anticipation of the drama before the decisive moment actually arrives .   Technical photographic preparation is always a must,  and the imaginative experience of “getting the shot” is intense.   I have always been attracted to this bridge over the Truckee River and Fleisch Power House .   It is so rare and fantastic when STEAM is the action !


Morning Train

This location is the beautiful S bend curves in the track above Lake Theodore in Clipper Gap .   In this image,  I am in sitting position with hand held camera and long lens.   Plenty of strong light is present in this mid morning exposure,  making the tripod only an option.    Many times the playful aspect of hand held work is a strength in itself.   In this image, an everyday scene seems special to me because of that “snaking” shape.


Train Under the Hwy 40 Bridge

Auto rack rail cars are one of my favorite type of rail cars for train photo work.   Bright reflectance and streaky details stand out so well against darker backgrounds.   This bridge, the one at Secret Town Road,  is so wonderful itself, in it’s “oldness” and historic value.   Long shutter openings again here, providing what, to me, is a beautiful and exciting “departure from reality” [ as Ansel Adams used to say it ] .  He referred to black and white photography as one major element of abstraction, and feature of the photographic art that departs from a sometimes boring and mundane attempt at imitation of reality.

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