Historic Time Table

PSRHS Historical Time Table

The PSRHS Historical Timetable was created to depict the relative location of historic sites along the famous Donner Pass Route and the original Transcontinental Railroad.  This timetable spans the periods of ownership by the Central Pacific Railroad, Southern Pacific Railroad and most recently the Union Pacific Railroad.  Baseline mileposts were taken from the 2009 UP timetable for the Roseville sub; thus MP locations in the historic timetable can be referenced to current milepost markers along the route.  Some intermediate or historic locations are interpretation as the different railroads over time have adjusted the mileage along the route.
Use online – You may click on Station Names in blue and you will hyperlink to a descriptive page showing the evolution of that station
Printed Copy – You may download and print a copy for your personal use.  The Timetable is designed to print on an 8-1/2 x 11 in piece of paper.
Local Use – Download the pdf and all of the links should remain live when you open the pdf file on your computer.  You can click back to the station details.

More historical data is being added; please check back and download a newer version often.

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PSRHS Timetable designed and edited by Roger Staab, assisted by Malcolm Frost