Auburn-Lincoln Way

Auburn’s Lincoln Way depot was the original Auburn stop on the transcontinental railroad.  Tracks reached here in May 1865.  In the photo below the depot was to the left of the tracks just beyond the freight cars in the distance.  The original depot was on the right side of the tracks.


The photo below shows the current Lincoln Way depot building.  It is being converted into a museum, and no longer serves as a railroad depot.  Today Auburn passenger services for AMTRAK buses and Capitol Corridor trains are located at the Nevada Street station.


A few short miles west of the Lincoln Way station is Bloomer Cut.  This was one of the first major obstacles encountered in constructing the original transcontinental railroad. Crews had to blast through extremely hard rock like cement in making the cut through the ridge. Other than growth around it the cut is virtually unchanged in appearance from the original cut made in 1864-5.