About the Society

Our Mission Statement:

Preserving Railroad History Along California’s Donner Pass Route.

The focus of the Placer-Sierra Railroad Heritage Society is to research, document and preserve the development  along the historic transportation corridor from Sacramento, California to Reno, Nevada.

  •  We shall interpret the relationship and effect of railroad commerce and activities with cultural and economic development of local communities and the Placer-Sierra region.
  • We will collect, curate, restore and interpret, by way of display and operation for public view, memorabilia of local railroads.
  • We will work with other civic, historical and public organizations to accomplish these goals.

The Society sponsors two publications..

  • Our newsletter is a report of current events and new discoveries.
  • Donner Crossings is a treatise on some significant event or a discussion about the conquering of the Donner Pass Route.

The Placer-Sierra Railroad Heritage Society is a reconized 501(c)3 organization.  Your qualified contributions can be tax deductible and go to support the efforts of the Society.  Your generous contribution will go to support education and preservation of our heritage