Donner Crossings

Each issue of Donner Crossings provides an in-depth look at one or two topics of significance to the history, construction or operation of the Donner Route.  Past issues have featured the renovation of the Colfax Passenger Depot, early guides that described highlights of the “new” transcontinental railroad route, and a sample of 1904 local freight bills for items shipped from the Auburn depot.  Donner Crossings is published once or twice per year, and is distributed to active PSRHS members.

The list below shows major topics presented in past issues of Donner Crossings.  If you wish to view a pdf copy of a particular issue, click on the Issue # for that issue.

Issue #                         Subject(s)      

1- Apr 2006                Shipped by Sea – Early CPRR Locomotives

                                   SP Conversion to Diesels
                                                How Do Diesels Affect Jobs
                                                Why Do Railroads Prefer Diesels

2- Nov 2006                Colfax Passenger Depot Renovation Special Issue

(Updated Apr 2007) 

3- Feb 2008                Crofutt’s New Overland Tourist Guide – 1879 Edition

                                    Local Freight Shipments, Auburn Depot – Feb. 1904

4- Apr 2009                The First Transcontinental Through Train?

                                    Boston Board of Trade’s All-Pullman Train – 1870

5- Spring 2010           Colfax and Its Railroads – A Look Back in Time

6- Spring 2011           Was Cape Horn Almost Bypassed by Double-Tracking?

                                    Walking a Portion of the Original Transcontinental Route

7- Spring 2012           On the First Train from Sacramento to Reno, June 18, 1868

                                    The Evolution of the Railroad Bridge(s) at Long Ravine

8- Spring 2013           The Other Stanford and the Stanford Mills.

Towle – Forgotten Sierra Town/ Logging Railroad/ Family Empire. Excerpts from the book about Towle Brothers published Spring 2013.

9- Spring 2014           PSRHS Lifetime Membership Award Recipient – Ken Yeo

                                    Runaway Train Car – Towle’s Station to Colfax

10- Spring 2015         Colfax, CA – 150 Years of Railroading 1865-2015

                                    Colfax Marble Quarry – Early CPRR Business along the

                                    Is it a Station, a Depot or a Terminal?

                                    By Steamship, Ferry and Rail from San Francisco to Colfax
                                    in 1873  

11 – Spring 2016        Snowbound on the Donner Route!!  January 1890

(As reported in day-to-day newspaper accounts)

12 – Spring 2017        A Tale of Two Locomotives
                                    (and Their Donner Route Connections)